Any song with “penumbra” in it, I like. It’s a day late, but still worth listening to! 


A musical reminder of tonight’s full lunar eclipse!

Tonight, for the first time since 2011, folks in North America will get the chance to see a total lunar eclipse.  It’s supposed to start in earnest around 2 a.m. on the East Coast (11 p.m. West Coast).

Unfortunately I think clouds will spoil the fun for me (and most people on the east coast). But I woke with this song stuck in my head and ended up recording it with my phone before I headed out for work. (My sincerest apologies to Bonnie Tyler).

You can find more detailed information about the eclipse here.

And if you miss it this time, good news: Another blood moon is forecast for October, and again next April.

The eclipse photo I use in the video was taken in 2011 by Fred Espenak (NASA Marshall Space Center).

Human Organs Formed with Wild Plant Arrangements by Camila Carlow

UK-based, Guatemalan-born artist Camila Carlow was not deterred by the complexity of the human body when she was developing her series Eye Heart Spleen. For the project, she transformed a handful of normally grotesque, bloody organs into an array of greenery and beautiful blossoms.

Yes, this. :)

Yes, this. :)

Big box of Lake Superior agates by Captain Tenneal on Flickr.

Sooo pretty!
I always suspected those librarian glasses were literary weapons of destruction.

I always suspected those librarian glasses were literary weapons of destruction.

They say a leopard can’t change it’s spots. But we’re not leopards. We’re humans. Our defining characteristic is our adaptability… We adapt to survive. My point is: we can—to some extent—“change our spots.” For the better. Don’t judge people. Allow them to grow.
Tom Hiddleston [x] (via freedom-trial)


So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of lashing out toward Asian Americans for making a big deal about things and being unable to take jokes, etc. And I am disturbed by this constant refrain of how we are overreacting.

Let me tell you something about the Asian American experience. My parents came…